A small cultural guide of Ibiza

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If you ask anyone who visits the island what brings them to Ibiza, they will probably highlight the good weather and the fun atmosphere. But there is also another side of Ibiza awaiting to be discovered in places full of history and natural landscapes which make it a very special and unique place.

So here we want to show you four very interesting attractions to help you understand better the reality of this magical island places that will help you understand why Ibiza is what it is today.


Archaeological Museum of Ibiza
This museum will show all the secrets of the various cultures that have passed through the island over the centuries. Thousands of remains that have been found throughout the island, and this museum explains the history that lies behind each of these historical objects. Tour the prehistory of the island and discover the various Phoenician, Punic, Roman and medieval influences that have passed through the island.

This interesting museum, opened in 1907, is located in the iconic Cathedral Square, on the top of the old town and it’s housed in the former University of Ibiza. A historical place to enjoy the past of the island and learn more about it. You can visit it, once the refurbishment is completed, every morning in the winter time, except Mondays, and in summer you can also visit it in the afternoons.



Interpretation center of Parque de Ses Salines
Recently opened, this center helps us to understand more deeply the landscape and biodiversity of one of the most beautiful sites on the island: the Natural Park of Ses Salines. Various institutions have collaborated to make this project a reality and as a result we can now enjoy a place that helps to understand better the reality that surrounds it, especially the history behind the saltworks, the economic motor of the island for centuries, and the natural richness of this unique landscape.

You can visit it in the rectory house of the Sant Francesc church, also one of the best spots in the park to enjoy the landscape of this area in all its fullness. The center is open mornings and afternoons in the summer and in winter only weekends in the morning.



Interpretation center Es Amunts
Another landscape worthy to admire in this island is the area of Es Amunts, a mountainous area in the north where you’ll find the most representative fauna and flora of the island. In this center, located in Sant Llorenç, you will discover the peculiarities of the cliffs, the sea, the mountains and forests of this part of the island. And also you can learn more about the curious traditional architecture of the island of Ibiza.

The purpose of this center is to awaken the curiosity of the visitors to this part of the island, a little known area but that keeps all the natural essence of the island landscape and which is really worth discovering.



Ethnological Museum of Ibiza
In a charming traditional Ibicenco house with over 300 years of history, known as Can Ros, in Santa Eulalia, they’ve created a small ethnographic museum that shows all the folkloric tradition of Ibiza. This unique museum contains small samples of what makes the mosaic of the Pitiusan cultural, from common tools used in the fields, to the gastronomy and traditional costumes. There are many elements that distinguish this culture and at Can Ros you can get a closer look to the rural lifestyle of yesteryear in a properly documented way with many real examples to illustrate how.