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Tours And Activities In The North Of Ibiza

By 13 December, 2016 August 3rd, 2020 No Comments

There are parts of Ibiza that deserve to be discovered in a different way. It’s not enough to simply visit them, you actually have to live them.

This happens especially in the north of Ibiza, a place full of all kinds of landscapes and places to discover which deserve much more than a quick glance. Now we’ll show you the best ways to go deeper into this beautiful part of Ibiza which can only be discovered by the most intrepid visitors.



Walks are an activity accessible to all and so, anyone can discover a big part of the charm of this part of ​​Ibiza with just a few of steps. There are many routes for discovering the most unexpected places in the north, such as the lighthouse Faro de Moscarter, an iconic picture of Portinatx, which can only be reached by foot. You can also tour the inside of the island with a more intense route that starts in Sant Joan and that will take you into the paths of sa Cala de Sant Vicent and parts of Morna. But for those who simply want to go for a walk, the shores of the northern beaches such as Aigües Blanques and Cala Boix or the spots in the village of Sant Miquel like Es Portixol and its port, are perfect for unwinding while enjoying the walk.


Mountain Biking

The bicycle is also one of the best ways to enter the most untamed side of Ibiza, the one that hides on the top of lost mountains and crosses the most attractive rural roads of the inland of the island. MTB is almost a lifestyle in Ibiza and there are many marked routes which will let you enjoy every single detail that make up the typical rural landscape of the island. There are routes for the more experienced bikers that will take you to discover the most unexpected places of Cala de Sant Vicent and the secret coast of the north west, where you’ll find beautiful coves such as Caló de s’Illa and es Canaret, and there are even routes for those looking to prove themselves like the Morna Valley route. Or if you prefer something more relaxed, there’s nothing like an excursion along the coves of Santa Eulàlia and the beautiful views of Na Xamena.



With the feet on the ground is how most people choose to discover the island, but if there is a more unknown face than others, that is the underwater side, because under the sea, Ibiza is also a delight to enjoy. Posidonia Oceanica meadows, shipwrecks, fish of all sizes and colors, underwater cliffs full of life and even sea turtles are some of the underwater wonders of the island. For those looking to go for a tour under the sea, why not doing some snorkeling? It’s a good way to discover the marine species closest to the coast. With just a little distance from the sandy areas you can already see the varied marine fauna and flora that the Mediterranean is home to. Beaches such as Cala d’en Serra and Cala Mastella, with both a sandy and rocky seabeds, lend themselves easily to show you impressive underwater settings. In addition, if you are looking to go further in your adventure, scuba diving is also a fabulous way to discover the Mediterranean. In areas like Portinatx with “La Catedral” and Illa Murada in Sant Miquel, are some of the most beautiful dives for scuba diving fans.



Finally, we propose to discover Ibiza from the sea, a sight that you are probably not used to contemplate and only within the reach of sailors. For this, we encourage you to join the new fashion watersport, Paddle Surf or Stand-up Paddle, a very simple and pleasant way to enjoy the coastline fro another perspective. In beaches such as Port de Sant Miquel you can rent them to cross its bay and discover the different beach coves in the area, although, if you prefer, you can also join the excursions of the many adventure companies on the island such as SUP Ibiza. Also, another way to enjoy this coastline is by kayak on exciting excursions, such as the route from Cala Xarraca to es Canaret and from Es Figueral to el Caló Roig, much more accessible by sea than from landa.