More reasons to visit Ibiza: Santa Eulalia village

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Santa Eulàlia des Riu is one of the most visited municipalities of the island as it has many interesting places to visit and, of course, here you’ll find the cozy coastal town of Santa Eulàlia, the main town of the north of the island.

This area is ideal for families and people looking to stay in the quietest part of the island but without giving up easy access to all the services. Let yourself be fascinated by the charms of this area visiting the key spots of each village that we’ll show you here. A tour that you’ll surely enjoy.


Santa Eulàlia

Santa Eulàlia is a town located in the northern part of the island situated at the foot of the hill of Puig de Missa in whose top there’s a spectacular fortified church, one of the most beautiful ones on the island. Strolling through this hill will allow you to see the town in all its splendor from a privileged perspective. On the hill of Puig de Missa you’ll also find the Ethnographic Museum of Ibiza, housed in a traditional Ibizan house known as Can Ros. Here you can take a closer look to the Ibizan culture, full of tradition and especially linked to rural and fishing activities. It is a very complete museum with a wide sample of music instruments, traditional clothes, tools and other objects that help to understand better the traditional Ibiza.


Sant Carles

In the north of the island there are many charming villages, and this is the case of Sant Carles, one of the villages which received more hippie influence in the 70’s. This is evident in many aspects, but probably the most significant one is the hippie market of Las Dalias, a meeting place of artists, residents and tourists. This is one of the most iconic markets of Ibiza, where you’ll find all kinds of original crafts and works of art, as well as a unique atmosphere with music, food and on summer evenings, spectacular concerts and parties. Without a doubt, a very complete place in the heart of the Ibizan countryside.


Jesús is one of the people’s favorite places on the island when it comes to looking for a home, as it preserves the village essence yet it is very close to Ibiza town, giving it a cosmopolitan lifestyle that makes it a very popular place all year round. Of this town we can emphasize on the attractiveness of its church, one of the most beautiful ones on the island and which was built in the 15th century. In it there’s a gothic altarpiece of important artistic value, by Rodrigo de Osona and his son. Another element that gives unique nuances to this small town is the proximity of Ses Feixes, an old agricultural set that characterizes the landscape that can be seen from this village.


Santa Gertrudis

This charming inland village is one of the busiest places on the island all year round. This is due to the diversity of establishments that you can find here, which in appearance is small, but that hides many delicious and varied gastronomic proposals, as well as stylish fashion shops. And among all these places, stands out in the village plaza the legendary Bar Costa, established in 1963 by the Roig Pi family. This place takes on some importance within the map of the island thanks to the history behind it. What once was a place of shelter for peasants on rainy days and to spend the day on weekends, in the 70’s it became a place frequented by the hippies of that time who in many cases paid the debts of the bar with works of art that still today are exposed on their walls as testimonies of a glorious age. The other attractive aspect of Bar Casta that makes it a must visit are its prime quality cold-cuts baguettes, a taste difficult to match perfect for any time of the day.