Ibizan Cuisine, a truly unique flavour

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Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is an island that is fortunate to have received a very rich cultural heritage. The island has been influenced by the various civilisations that have inhabited it, such as the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Christians, among many others that have left their mark. Their traditions and customs have influenced
Ibizan life and character, including in its cuisine.

A way of life that embraces the sun, the sea and the land of Ibiza has developed an exquisite, original and distinct cuisine that brings a unique flavour to the five senses. This local cuisine is prepared with seasonal products and designed for simple, nutritious meals, cleverly combining the fruits of the land with the cultural heritage.

This cuisine of Ibiza is based on the Mediterranean trilogy: wheat, wine and olive oil. A succulent culinary traditional and preparation techniques that still apply today, such as salting and drying fish, food scented with aromatic herbs, the use vinegar as an excellent conservative and the introduction of spices, such as saffron and salt that enriched the menu, as well as sugar and
cinnamon sweetened desserts.

The fresh produce and quality of raw materials are the real stars of Ibizan cuisine. The Ibizan forest, sea, country and gardens offer a pantry that supplies a great variety of ingredients and products. Fish and shellfish, meat and game, poultry and eggs, fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, and also a catalogue of preserves, spices, and herbs that add flavour to Ibizan recipes.

The Ibizan cookbook is very diverse and full of aromas, flavours and smells that will seduce the palate. A variety of “sofritos” and sauces with an olive oil, onion, tomato and garlic bases; Chopped garlic, parsley, nora, almonds and toast, and American products, such as potatoes and peppers give a contemporary and personal touch to the dishes that are prepared in the
kitchens of homes and restaurants in Ibiza.

Tasty local specialities with rice and beef bases “arròs de matances”, fish paella and seafood stews; casseroles and stews that combine meat and vegetables, “sofrit payés” (with very spicy sausages and potatoes) and fish “bullit de peix” (rock fish, potatoes and light aioli sauce) or “borrida of ratjada” (ray); Fried pork, squid and octopus, all accompanied by potatoes and peppers; Fish (grouper) and oven-roasted meats (pork); Other dishes like “squid stuffed with spicy sausage”, “coca peppers with gató” or “pork bones with cabbage, sweet potato and spicy sausage.” And sweet desserts like “el flaó” (goat cheese cake and mint), “la salsa de nadal” (chicken broth, roasted almonds, honey, cinnamon and saffron) and “la graixonera” (a cake with milk, eggs, ensaimadas and cinnamon). Furthermore, on the island of Ibiza, an excellent selection of sausages is produced (“sobrasada” and “botifarró”), as well as sheep and goat cheeses, local bread, olive oil, wine, spirits, jams and honey.