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Dive into the waters of Ibiza

By 19 February, 2013 August 3rd, 2020 No Comments

Ibiza is a place that appeals to divers from all over the world. This is true for lots of reasons, such as its calm and crystal clear waters, its spectacular coastline that stretches for more than 200 km, its seabed with exceptional posidonia, corals, and its colourful and varied animal life.

There is a high degree of aquatic flora and fauna conservation here. The sea here has such high ecological value that the part that makes up the Ses Salines Natural Park was recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1999. Another advantage is the geographical location of Ibiza, which gives it its mild climate and waters. Another important factor for diving is the water temperature, which varies between 14 º C in winter and 26 º C in summer.

Nor can we forget the excellent range of services that the island offers to both novice and experienced divers. There are excellent dive centres with top-level professionals at your disposal, which you will find all over the island. They offer all sorts of services, courses and dives in high quality facilities. Prices may vary from one centre to another, although not by much.

If you are interested in coming, it’s definitely worthwhile to do some prior research of centres, prices, locations and services. Some include Phoenix Centro de Buceo, Centro Buceo Arenal Diving, Ibiza Diving College, Centro de Buceo Scuba Ibiza, Punta Dive, Subfari Portinatx and Ibiza Dive. There are also many more at your disposal. In short, there is stunning natural and wildlife beauty here.

There is also everything else that this wonderful Mediterranean island offers, which is appreciated both here and abroad. All this makes Ibiza the perfect place for all types of diving. As mentioned, everywhere along coast of Ibiza is interesting to dive, but there are certainly some places or areas that are more attractive for lovers of the deep sea. In Ibiza, some highlights (not to discredit any because people have different tastes) include the following dives: Islas Margaritas, Cap Nonó, Isla Conejera, Islas Bledas, Bajo de Sa Bota, Llosa de Santa Eulària, Cueva de la luz, Columnas de Hércules, Islote des Pallaret and Es Vedrà.

The list could go on almost endlessly. Under these waters you can find amazing cliffs, various sized caves, in some of which you can see sunken remains from two thousand years ago, for example, the amphorae remains in Isla de Conejera. Another option is a visit to the Don Pedro wreck, which sunk in 2007, and was set up for diving a year later. Specifically, on the coast of Sant Joan de Labritja, the most recommended places are: Isla Murada for shallow novice dives.

Also, some of the best diving on the north coast is in caves and grottoes, the famous Cueva de la Luz, Columnas de Hercules, Ses Caletes caves and the blue holes. For more experienced divers, the northern coast of Ibiza offers endless possibilities. The cathedral in front of the Moscater lighthouse is undoubtedly the jewel of the dives in the Portinatx area, however it is quite deep, so it is only suitable for some divers. The balcony of Punta Galera, the walls of punta Xarraco and the beautiful Islas Margaritas with its vertical walls are some of the most sought after dive sites on the northern coast.