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Cala Mastella, fisherman’s corner

By 10 June, 2012 August 3rd, 2020 No Comments

From Sant Carles de Peralta, about 6 km towards the northeast coast and Pou des Lleó beach, by following directions along the road, and paying attention to the turns, you can access a small beach that is nestled in a completely unspoiled place, Cala Mastella. It is one of the most unique and picturesque islands of Ibiza.

Cala Mastella is located at the mouth of a small creek, between rocky formations covered by a dense pine forest. It is a fine, pearly sand beach and clear water, alternated with gentle sloping rocks and shallow water. The sea remains totally calm thanks to its protection from the cliffs. In the sea beds you can see a beautiful aquatic garden full of colours and filled with all kinds of
native species, making it a great place for snorkelling.

It is more than just a beach, it is a welcoming place with a lovely seaside atmosphere where you can enjoy a relaxing day filled with sun and sand. It is surrounded by vegetation and boathouses, where the local fishermen keep their boats and gear. There is also a small cove located further inland from the shore, which is mostly occupied by piers, it is difficult to get there, but it is truly beautiful. There are also sunbeds and parasols at Cala Mastella, and a small beach bar at the end of the beach. Ultimately, it is nature in its purest state. It is the perfect place to rest in peace and quiet, with a gentle sea breeze.

Going down a narrow road along the left bank of the creek, you will arrive at one of Ibiza’s legendary bars, the Cala Mastella restaurant, better known as “Can Bigotis” because of the founder, Juan Ferrer’s large moustache (bigote). This small restaurant, with its sea breeze and location right on the sea, offers an authentic local dining experience with its fish dish “bullit de peix y arroz a banda”. The most interesting thing about the preparation of this delicious Ibizan fish dish is that its current owners, Miguel and Ana, Bigotes’ daughter, go fishing every morning in their lute for the rock fish needed to make it. At noon, they start serving customers and from 14:30, they serve this unique and succulent dish, made in a wood stove, “el bullit”. It is recommended that you visit as early as possible, as the restaurant does not take reservations.