“Bullit de Peix”: A Dish That Epitomizes Ibiza

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Bullit de Peix is one of the most representative fish dishes in our gastronomy. It is a modern version of Guisat de Peix, a traditional dish that fishermen used to make on their boats while they were out at sea

Bullit de Peix is eaten in two stages: the first part consists of fish and potatoes topped with a light aioli sauce, while the second part features rice cooked in the fish broth derived from stage one. A two-act play with a delicious grand finale. Care to have a go at making it? What follows is the true and most traditional recipe for Bullit de Peix in Ibiza:



For the sofrito: Garlic, cuttlefish and peppers

For the stock: Different kinds of rockfish and a blend of vegetables

Fish for the boil-up: scorpion fish, grouper and John Dory


Green beans



We begin the preparation of Bullit de Peix with a good base consisting of a sofrito of sautéed garlic, cuttlefish and peppers. To this sofrito, we add previously made fish stock and wait until it begins to boil. Once the stock is boiling, we add the fish, potatoes and beans and leave them to boil for about 20 minutes. Afterwards, we place the cooked fish, potatoes and beans on a serving dish and top it off with a light aioli sauce, prepared beforehand using some of the fish stock.


Now comes Act II of this tour de force: the “arroz a banda”. We recommend preparing a light sofrito with cuttlefish, to which we will add rice together with the stock left over from stage one, and also some aioli. This way, the characteristic taste of the dish carries through each stage. Once the rice is cooked, drizzle it with a bit of aioli and serve.


And voila, it’s ready! Doesn’t sound too complicated, does it? In any case, if you fancy trying an authentic Bullit de Peix, we recommend a few places in the north of the island where they’ve got this dish down to a fine art. Take note: Restaurante Port Balansat in the Port of Sant Miquel, with over 30 years’ experience making rice and fish dishes right on the sea; Can Salvadó in Pou des Lleó, with traditional recipes and a fisherman’s ambience; Can Gat, the best rice and fish in Cala Sant Vicent and last but not least Restaurante 2000 in Benirrás.