Autumn Essentials in Ibiza

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The high temperatures and hustle and bustle of tourists on the island start to go down as we creep into the autumn. And we love it! It’s one of the best and quietest times to get to know this wonderful island while basking in some very pleasant temperatures. That’s why we’d like to recommend some must-do activities for these autumn months:

Walks on the most natural and traditional side of the island

Autumn is undoubtedly one of the best times (along with springtime) to explore the most natural side of the island. Hiking along Ibiza’s hidden nature trails will give you a new perspective and vision into what the island is really like. Pine forests, cliffs, charming places and more are waiting for you to discover them.

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Sunsets: the best of the whole year

Yes, in autumn and winter you can see the most stunning sunsets of the whole year, and not just because there are fewer visitors here. It’s because the temperatures are much lower, which means the air is much clearer to bid farewell to the sun for the day. Without a doubt, it’s a truly special natural show. For example, if you’re admiring the sunset from the southernmost side of the island, you’ll easily see the island of Formentera, while from the western side on a clear day, you’ll make out the mountainous silhouette of the Spanish mainland.


Great food comes with the slaughters

With the arrival of winter, many Ibizan families continue to celebrate the traditional slaughter of the pig. This is a festive gathering for the whole family, neighbours and friends where everyone gets together to slaughter the pig and make sausages and other products from the animal. After all the work is done, the whole family enjoys hearty dishes typical of Ibizan cuisine accompanied by music and traditional games. If you have the chance, make sure get to see one of these celebrations. At meals like this, you’ll understand the true roots of Ibiza.


It’s also time for a spot of culture. Let’s pay a visit to the Es Amunts Interpretation Centre

The town of Sant Llorenç de Balàfia is home to this hands-on interpretation centre, open to the ideas of people who live in the area and also visitors.


Its main function is to attract, inform, guide, surprise, and arouse interest and admiration for this part of Ibiza, full of life, history and deep-rooted traditions. At the centre, you’ll find a sample of the culture and the natural environment, the landscape, the history, the people and their customs and ways of life.



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