Ibizan fashion and accessories Adlib

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As you know, every week for our  blog, we tour  Ibiza, visiting special places, the best  beaches, gastronomy, traditions, shopping, activities, events, etc. Today we have prepared an interesting post about  Ibizan fashion and trends.

We will begin with Adlib fashion, which is famous the world over, and it is no longer only local, as it is now a reference for many international designers. It is known as Ibizan fashion and it provides freshness, style and originality.  Its designs are always 100% cotton.  The colour white is its guiding star and it also uses  natural  and  light  fabrics, embroidery, crochet, ruffles and traditional lace.  Designs with volumes that accompany the natural movement of the body. It is the essence of Ibiza!

The garments are made with hand-made lace, interspersed with exquisite point lace and original embroidery, all combined with designs that enhance femininity and are designed to be comfortable and stylish.  Some important Adlib fashion designers are  Pepa Bonett, Piluca Bayarri, Charo Ruiz , Luis Ferrer, Eva Cardona,  the Tanit Jeans and the boutique Ad Libitum.

Click on their links to appreciate and enjoy the very interesting examples of  Adlib designs.

But of course Ibiza also offers many other trendsetting suggestions. This is the case, for example, of the world famous,  Ibizan Baskets made of grass. They have a very traditional origin, as they were used when agriculture was the basis of the Ibizan family life many years ago. After many years, the  Ibizan basket is still very fashionable.

They can be used both during the day and at night, to go to the beach or pool, shopping, or nightlife, and it is increasingly becoming a fashion accessory. The range of possibilities offered is vast, as well as the designs that can be found.

There are also other items such as pretty hats, which are also very ibizan and give a special character to those who wear them.

Do not forget the sandals,  of which there are many versions. Comfortable, versatile and attractive prints and colors. The most authentic are those hand-made with leather.

And just one final note before I finish, a perfect place to discover and purchase these Ibizan fashion products is La Marina  in the Ibiza port. Among the hidden shops in its narrow and authentic alleys. A must visit. You will love it!