Ibizan traditional Ornaments and Jewelry

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From Hotel Can Planells’ blog we keep bringing you interesting information about Ibizan folklore and traditions. In past posts we already wrote about the different kinds of Ibicenco folkloric dances (Ball Pagès), traditional Ibicenco wear and costumes and the musical instruments. And today we’re going to tell you about the wonderful traditional Ibicenco ornaments and jewelry.

We’ll start telling you about the popular “emprendada ibicenca”, used for decorating the dancing costumes as well as the bride’s dress. It’s a dowry of the bride’s family. There’s two types, the oldest one, a red coral and silver, with several necklaces of coral beads and round silver pins. A very well crafted silver cross with filigree and coral detail or with pearl and precious stones. And on the cross, the “joia” (the jewel, glass locket with a picture of a Virgin), which is usually decorated with precious stones. Although the more popular “emprendada” is very similar to the previous one, made of gold plated and very well crafted.

Another traditional piece of jewelry are the rings, made of gold or silver, depending on the dress. Always well crafted and normally with family seals or other decorations, but always fine filigree. A very interesting fact about the rings is that, in the old days, the groom had to give 24 rings to the bride. This way the groom showed his wealth.

Also mention that goldsmithing is very typical and rooted in Ibiza. It’s shown, for example, by the ornaments worn by the dancers and the “emprendada”. Also are very important the earrings, usually made of gold and fine filigree The rattle buttons, well crafted and usually made of gold, and, in this case, being part of both, men and women’s costumes, giving traditional dresses and costumes a distinctive sound and look.

In the case of men’s costumes, besides the rattle, the shirt buttons also had filigree. And the neck and sleeves were decorated with really nice and worked embroidery.

Hope you’ve liked it. Next week we’ll be back with more suggestions and interesting topics about Ibiza.

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