Es Cuieram Cave

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The Cave of Es Cuieram is an ancient and sacred sanctuary dedicated to the Phoenician goddess of fertility, Tanit, whom the Carthaginians also worshipped. The cave is located in the northeast of the island, in the township of Sant Joan de Labritja, just overlooking the Sant Vicent cove.

Considered one of the most important archaeological excavations on Ibiza, Es Cuieram Cave was discovered in 1907. Inside were found some 600 terracotta figures and roughly 1000 heads of figurines as well as scattered potshards. The majority of the relics were bell-shaped figures, painted with sacred symbols, and representing the female deity Tanit. (The best of these finds are on display at the archaeology museum, Puig des Molins, in Ibiza town.) The cave is fronted by a lookout point, situated two hundred metres above sea level and affording spectacular panoramic views of Tagomago Island in the background. The cave itself can be viewed during visiting hours.

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